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Parent Assistance and Parent-Teacher Communication

With the current use of emails, the “Remind” app and other forms of communication between parents and staff, Gwynne School staff has developed some guidelines to assure that your student(s) have the support that can be provided through a healthy line of communication between home and school. The following guidelines will be followed at Gwynne School:

  1. Teachers can respond to messages from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on school days; however, the teacher may not be able to respond during instructional hours due to their instructional responsibilities (8:30 a.m.- 3:45 p.m.)
  2. Phone calls may not be responded to during the school day, due to the teachers’ instructional responsibilities. Please leave a message at the office.
  3. If a message is sent to a teacher outside of the hours mentioned above or on weekends, the teacher will respond the next instructional day.
  4. Teachers will have most assignments marked within 5 - 10 instructional days of the completion of the assignment .
  5. Teachers will input assignment marks into their Maplewood Gradebook within 10 instructional days of the completion of the assignment
  6. Parents can access their student’s marks through the Maplewood Gradebook portal. Access information was sent home with the November student report card. If this information has been misplaced, please contact the office.
  7. If questions arise throughout the week that are non-emergent, please send them as an email/message by the Friday of that week and the teacher will attempt to respond within two instructional days.
  8. Non-emergent topics would be, but are not exclusive to: marks on a test, passwords for programs, explanations of solving math problems, etc. These items can be solved by the student asking the teacher within the classroom.
  9. Emergent items would be, but are not exclusive to: illness, family emergency, etc.
  10. You can have your student use the Khan Academy website for assistance in math and science when they are at home ( If this is not helpful, have your student ask the teacher about the assignment upon return to the classroom.
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