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Gwynne School Clothing Order

Hello Gwynne Families,

It has been a crazy month. Thank you for all of your support and patience as we have
gone through our changes.
I was planning to put together a Falcons gear clothing order for our school before the
move, and now with the move, it seems appropriate to follow through with an order for
anyone that would like some Falcon gear. Each clothing choice has colour, size, and
style choices so please click on an item to explore these options.

There is a website that will be on this document that will bring you directly to a website
that has our Falcons gear choices on it. You can then go through the website and
purchase whatever items you would like for yourselves or for your kids.

NO MONEY or ORDERS will be accepted at the office. It all needs to be done online
through the website. It is just like online shopping and should be very straightforward.

THIS IS NOT A FUNDRAISER. This is completely optional and none of the money goes
to the school. It is just an opportunity to purchase some Falcons gear.

*Please note all Gwynne students will have a Falcon T-shirt purchased by
Gwynne School*

Here is the school shop website.

Thank you, everyone,
Isaac Kaup

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