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GSPA Purdy's Chocolate Fundraiser

Dear: Parents/Guardians, November 3, 2021

Gwynne School Parent Association is happy to bring you the option to help
fundraise for our school with Purdy’s Chocolates. Orders will be due by
November 22nd. The orders will be ready for pickup on December 10th. Small orders
can be sent home with students. Larger orders will receive a phone call to pick up when we are
done sorting. If you would prefer to NOT have it sent home or require your order slightly earlier
please just send me an email with your request.

This year you can also order online by :

1. Sign in or create a new supporter account either by visiting
2. If you’re creating a new account, please enter customer number 23479 on the registration
3. If you’re signing into an existing account, enter the number below into the search bar that will
come up after you’ve signed in.
4. Click on JOIN CAMPAIGN.

By signing up for your own account you can share the link for friends and family to order from.
This makes sorting much easier as we know which child to send their orders home with.
Catalogues are not in yet but we will send them home with students once they arrive.
In the meantime, they can be printed off Purdy's website. Cheques can be made payable
to Gwynne School Parent Association (GSPA).

If you have any questions or require any other information please do not hesitate to
contact me at 780-312-5133.

Your support with this fundraiser is greatly appreciated!

Kristine Belbeck
Gwynne School Parent Council

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