From the Office

Earlier this school year, all teachers attended a two-day introduction to Responding to Interventions. WRPS leadership and school administrators have, along with the teachers, embraced Responding to Intervention as a model for ensuring the needs of all students are met throughout the School Division.

RTI’s underlying premise is that schools should not delay providing help to struggling students, waiting until they fall behind their grade-level peers. Rather, we should provide timely, targeted, and systematic interventions within regular programing to all students who demonstrate the need. RTI is about providing the needed supports and interventions in optimal teaching situations.

For RTI to be successful, each teacher in a school needs to be delivering high-quality instruction to all their students. We need to be prepared to work together as a school team to ensure that all students are receiving instruction that best meets their learning needs.

Staff at Gwynne school work hard to identify students who are beginning to struggle and adjust their teaching to better meet the needs of these students. Our Student Support Team and outstanding Educational Assistants provide additional supports to individualize instruction and bridge the gaps that may be appearing in student learning. On a weekly basis we discuss student learning needs and focus our collaborative conversations around finding strategies that lead to better learning for our students.

Responding to Interventions is about setting aside excuses around teaching and learning. It is about teachers and the learning team working together to ensure we are doing everything we can to help students meet the expected learning outcomes. RTI will look different in each of the WRPS schools. Some schools may begin grouping their students differently to better remediate difficulties. Some schools may encourage team teaching or flexible scheduling. The steps we are taking as a school division to improve student learning under the RTI umbrella will pay dividends as fewer students ‘fall through the cracks.’ It is an exciting time to be working within WRPS.

We have enjoyed a successful year of learning to date.  We will now re-energize and begin to prepare students for an exciting year end. The staff at Gwynne School would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and an enjoyable break!


Mr. Darren DeMone



Gwynne School Parent Association

Gwynne School Parent Association
The next GSPA meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 25@ 6:00pm

2015-2016 Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Registration is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 2015 from 5:00pm - 6:00pm. New for 2015-2016 Bussing from Wetaskiwin will be covered by Gwynne School Parent Council for Kindergarten Children.

Boston Pizza Fundraiser - GSPA is part of Operation Education at Wetaskiwin Boston Pizza!!!
When you or friends/family are out enjoying a meal or drink please keep your receipts and hand them into the school!
We will receive 5% of the receipts to put towards the school!



After School Pick-up Reminder

After school pick up for students has been changed to insure student safety (busy parking lot)

After school all students will wait at their designated areas until the bell rings. 

  • Students will then load busses
  • Or have a parent come into the school to pick up their children.

After School Pick-up Reminder - please call the office or write a note to your child’s teacher whenever there is a change to your child’s regular after school arrangements.  Unless officially notified bus students will be put on the bus.


Gwynne School is a Scent FREE building

Due to medical needs of students and staff Gwynne School is a SCENT FREE building.  Please respect the health and safety needs of our staff and students by refraining from strong perfumes, body sprays or deodorant while in the building.  Thanks so much!