Skating at Gwynne School

From the Office

This month sees professional staff attending the North Central Teachers’ Convention in Edmonton on February 5th and 6th.  This year’s conference theme is “Celebrating Diversity”. This two day conference offers teachers a number of different speakers and workshops that present new ideas and allow for opportunities to connect with our teaching colleagues.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parent council and all our parent volunteers for their ongoing support of Gwynne school. Whether it is working bingo’s, delivering hot lunches, or volunteering for school activities; your efforts help us create valuable lessons and lasting memories for our students. Thank you for this partnership, it makes the education process at Gwynne School unique and enjoyable.

As we progress through the winter and into spring, we will continue to emphasize excellence in academic, social, and behavioral development. As a school staff, I hope we demonstrate daily that we care about your child and his or her development.  We hope your child understands that everything we do– whether positive or corrective– is meant to help them reach their full potential. If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s education, or our school in general, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Once again, thank you for sharing the gifts of your children with us.

All the best,
Darren DeMone

FSLW News – Mrs. Rasmussen

Roots of Empathy
I just thought that I would bring you up to date on what has been happening in Grade4/5 class with the Roots of Empathy program.  The students have been engaged and have really enjoyed the program but it has been suspended until the end of February (hopefully).  This is a result of the number of cases of Whooping cough that were reported in the Central Alberta Region of Alberta.  Our Provincial body of Roots of Empathy has been in contact with Alberta Health Services and it was recommended that the program be put on hold until no new cases were reported. Once we get the go ahead from Alberta Health Services the program will restart.  I know that the students are always asking about Baby Helen and we have been very fortunate that Grandma Polly has been keeping us informed as to Baby Helen and her development.  The students were surprised and pleased that mom and baby came to visit them in class last week but this was not part of Roots of Empathy program.    Again I hope that we can soon restart the program.

Beyond the Hurt: Bulling Prevention – For Youth Presentation February 11, 2015
The Beyond the Hurt workshop is a workshop for students primarily in grades 6-12 that address issues related to bulling and harassment, strategies for responding, and how to take action to create healthy relationships and healthy schools.  The grade 6/7 focus on bulling and the topic of harassment is introduced in the grade 8-12 material.  The workshop is participatory in nature and involves a variety of interactive activities.

“Zones of Regulation”

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Over the last few years, we have partnered with Alberta Health Services to bring a variety of programs into the classroom. These programs have worked on speech, language, motor skills, empathy and emotions. One program that we have offered every year is “Zones of Regulation”. This program deals with identifying how your child is feeling and how to get to a state of learning readiness.

Kara Cammidge, who is the Occupational Therapist for Gwynne School, will be coming out on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, to present on “Zones of Regulation” to all Gwynne parents/guardians, and will explain how you can use this program in your home, keeping with the consistency of the classrooms here at Gwynne.

This will be running from 6:30-7:30pm, with time at the end for questions and answers. You are welcome to bring other parents whose children do not attend Gwynne. Kara will also be providing handouts that you can take home.

If you have any questions about this evening program, please call me at 780-352-3029 or e-mail me at

I hope to see all parents on that evening!

Michelle Loov

LST Gwynne School

Gwynne School Parent Association

Gwynne School Parent Association
The next GSPA meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 23, 2015 @ 5:00pm

2015-2016 Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Registration is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 2015 from 5:00pm - 6:00pm. New for 2015-2016 Bussing from Wetaskiwin will be covered by Gwynne School Parent Council for Kindergarten Children.

Family Fun Night will be on April 24, 2015!  Mark you calendars!

Boston Pizza Fundraiser - GSPA is part of Operation Education at Wetaskiwin Boston Pizza!!!
When you or friends/family are out enjoying a meal or drink please keep your receipts and hand them into the school!
We will receive 5% of the receipts to put towards the school!



After School Pick-up Reminder

After school pick up for students has been changed to insure student safety (busy parking lot)

After school all students will wait at their designated areas until the bell rings. 

  • Students will then load busses
  • Or have a parent come into the school to pick up their children.

After School Pick-up Reminder - please call the office or write a note to your child’s teacher whenever there is a change to your child’s regular after school arrangements.  Unless officially notified bus students will be put on the bus.


Gwynne School is a Scent FREE building

Due to medical needs of students and staff Gwynne School is a SCENT FREE building.  Please respect the health and safety needs of our staff and students by refraining from strong perfumes, body sprays or deodorant while in the building.  Thanks so much!

School Bus Status – App now available for Android

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Bus Status app is now available for free download on android phones at Google Play. The Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Bus Status App displays up to date bus information for the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools.  The app is connected to the school bus status webpage that is featured on the division and school websites.  Each time the bus status is updated on the website the app will push a notification to your android phone.  The app is provided as a service to parents/guardians of students who ride Wetaskiwin Regional Public School buses.  There is a safety element in that parents/guardians will be notified of a cancellation of busing service, or a delay in service.

The app, created by Box Clever, ties directly to school bus status updates posted to the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools website, and individual school websites. The app offers a simple, easy-to-browse interface, searchable bus listing, simple pull down to refresh route status, option to share bus status information via text messaging, email or Facebook and Twitter, and the choice to identify specific routes as favorites.  Any change to the status of a favorite bus route will result in a push notification on your android phone.

If you’re not sure of your bus route number, you can see the routes listed by driver name on Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools website once you download the app, you can “favorite” your child’s route by number and receive push notifications should that route be cancelled or delayed. 

Offering the same features as the iPhone app, the newly developed Android app will allow both parents and students to receive push notifications for delayed & cancelled buses.  With its bold, easy to read and simple design, users will have no problem tracking the bus they need. 

You can download the Android App on Google Play or the iPhone App on the Apple App Store.

IPhone School Bus Status version 1.1.1. Update

The iPhone Bus Status iOS app has also been updated.  If you have not already done so please update your Bus Status App to receive the new version of our Bus Status iOS App.

Download it from the App Store.  Don't forget to update your Bus Status app so you can continue to receive push notifications.